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Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Over the years, we have gained great experience in the implementation of management software systems for the production and service world.

This application guarantees our clients:

  • Full back up to the company's administration, finance and production processes
  • Absolute control over company information and processes
  • Full information and resource sharing

The technological solution we offer our clients is Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP company management solution that provides expanding small and medium-sized enterprises a potent yet affordable solution that can be tailored to suit individual business and sector requirements. It is able to adapt to the growing efficiency and functionality requirements of expanding businesses.

This solution guarantees simpler, more accurate business management, more detailed knowledge of strategic company information and better control over financial and administrative aspects.

The solution's main features are:

  • Particularly fast implementation times;
  • Limited costs;
  • High performance;
  • Significant customisation potential.

We have developed two market-specific solutions:

A vertical ERP for companies operating in the dairy market, and more in general in the production of food such as sausages and cold meat.

For more information: NAVFood Flyer

A vertical ERP specifically studied for the tanning sector, both for B2B and B2C firms.

For more information: Euris Leather Flyer


Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers the following areas:

Financial management

Financial records, including account plans, financial statements and VAT reports, to name a few, can be registered and saved in a centralised general accounting register.

  • Defining the preferred currency
  • Creating accounting periods to suit individual fiscal and business cycles
  • Managing cash and bank accounts
  • Automating routine transactions such as the issue of cheques, and statement


Production companies can react rapidly to customer requirements and improve the level of services by automating and improving processes such as:

  • Production order management
  • Procurement and capacity planning
  • Visibility of production department operations
  • Production planning based on graphic elements

Business Intelligence

Unprocessed data can be transformed into company operations information.  With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can:

  • Choose basic or advanced analysis functions
  • Provide decision-makers with a complete performance overview
  • Set reports and displays using an interface similar to that of Microsoft Outlook 2007

Sales and marketing

Client information is always available to managers and employees to help the company develop the most advantageous relationships.

  • Contact information management
  • Sales campaign organisation
  • Sales opportunity identification
  • Sales activity automation
  • Automatic memo setting
  • Sales document approval


Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers businesses a flexible solution for the resolution of distribution problems. It can be used for:

  • Warehouse recording and management, even when managing different sites
  • Obtaining up-to-date information on warehouse stock
  • Implementing better warehouse management procedures, including customised pick-up orders and procurement according to preset thresholds
  • Obtaining real time data on the warehouse and dispatches

Integration with company systems

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to deliver full integration with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. For example Microsoft Word can be used to acquire data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases and to incorporate information in a letter to a client or to use Microsoft Excel to create reports by importing data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The Commerce Portalfunctions also allow the company to create a website for facilitating relations with clients and partners.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be integrated with a broad range of software products and therefore even if the company already has a significant IT infrastructure, it can nevertheless exploit Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get the most from its investment.

Euris Group role consists in implementing this technological solution and offering support, assistance and maintenance services as Microsoft Top Managed Partners.

The services are provided directly to the client, at our offices with I-Lab Red-Team interactive mode.