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Euris InSite

Euris InSite is a distributed application for the management of non-conformities; it allows centralized visibility of all the non-compliance and lifecycle of the same, taking into memory, through versioning, each release of non-compliance.

Flexibility, the ability to manage huge amounts of data every day, and multiple language support makes it particularly suitable for large industrial entities in the world.


  • The application can be installed from the Internet or via CD. It works both online and offline, and also in terms of network connectivity unstable and / or discontinuous.
  • Insite allows the precise profiling of visible objects: it actually provides visibility permits of the individual project, for each person involved.
  • The application is multilingual, and it can be used successfully on a global scale, even in particularly complex from the point of view of environmental conditions.


  • .net
  • Wpf
  • Clickonce
  • SqlServerCompact embedded