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Office 365

Office 365 allows access from anywhere to your e-mail, documents, contacts and calendars, and to use all of Microsoft productivity applications directly from your browser. The efficiency and IT control are such working to meet the needs of every organization, from small businesses to large companies.

Microsoft Office 365 is made up of several features, each sample in the security, reliability and productivity of end-users, of all types of organizations.

Office Professional Plus

The most important productivity tools on the market, in the format best suited to the current and future needs of your company. Office Professional Plus, a version of Microsoft Office offered as a flexible service and supported by Office 365 services connected to the cloud, is the most complete suite of office programs available for employees. Along with Office Professional Plus you'll receive the latest versions of familiar Office applications and the Office Web Apps, which offer employees the freedom to create, communicate and collaborate effectively from any device. The formula cloud reduces costs, linking them to use only, and making the Office solution availabled without needing to purchase the classic licenses.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online provides e-mail functionality, calendar and contacts to offer companies the control and protection, as well as a suite of communication tools of first level. With Exchange Online, in fact, you can use e-mail on servers globally redundant with built-in filters to protect against viruses and spam; moreover a support IT phone is guaranteed and it is available in your language 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

SharePoint Online

Keep synchronized teams. SharePoint Online offers a simple and integrated solution to share documents and information with colleagues and customers. Designed to be compatible with the well-known Office applications, you can easily save documents directly to SharePoint and collaborate on proposals and projects in real time, as it ensures access to documents and information required from anywhere, even simultaneously. A structured system of permits manages flexible levels of expertise and visibility.

Lync Online

Lync Online is a cloud communications service of the latest generation, which allows to connect people in completely new ways, anywhere using presence awareness, instant messaging, audio / video calls and conference tools of audio, video and Web. Lync Online transforms interactions with colleagues, customers and partners in a collaborative, engaging and productive experience.

Lync Online

The Office Web Apps are online practical versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote that provide an easy way to access documents, view and edit them directly from the Web Browser.

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