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Pension fund agents


Comprehensive solution to the needs of management of Pension Fund Agents, in full compliance with current regulations governing the sector, with flexibility and with the use of innovative technology.

The "National Convention for Pension Fund agents" between ANIA and the National Association of Insurance Agents requires that each insurance company manage a Pension Fund Agents.

The objective of the Pension Fund Agents is to provide to all its members a capital when they decide to leave the agency business. This capital may be paid to the agent in various forms: by cash, or through an insurance policy.

The contribution to the retirement fund is done by the Company (Company Contribution) as a percentage of the commissions earned, according to the predefined algorithms, and by the Agent, again according to the predefined algorithms.

The software product offered by Group Euris provides a complete solution to the needs of management of Pension Fund Agents, in full compliance with current regulations governing the sector, with its flexibility and use of tecnology advanced, with the following features and benefits:

Management of all possible associations Agent / Mandate / agency / company with the ability to manage a Fund Common to most companies belonging to the same financial group.

Management of all types of investment required by the regulations. It has particularly been curated the investment that presents on one side an opportunity for agents, and on the other side a significant management complexity for the company. There are special facilities for operational budgeting and implementation of collective investments.

Simplicity in a timely request for each Agent the up-to-date situation of its position towards the retirement fund, including an indication of withholding tax of 20% to be paid to the treasury.

Management of the settlement of an Agent with all these associated activities: advance indemnity to the heirs, letters and certificates.

Possibility of drawing up the annual budget, in the terms expected by the Agreement, and eventually in the manner requested by the members of the Board of the Pension Fund.

Automated acquisition of contributions Company and Agent, from other applications of the Company. Any calculation of the amount of contribution payable by the Company and due by the agent based on the total commission earned by the agent (optional component).

Security of processing of data in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law 675/96 and related provisions.

Integration with Microsoft Word. All prints made from generating Word documents, can be saved, edited and reprintable.