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Thanks to Responsa, users who make use of your web site, mobile app, or your company intranet, could find the answer they are searching for in self-service. Responsa, thanks to its Knowledge Base, is able to provide in real time an answer to the user, avoiding the intervention of the Customer Care operator.


You only have to insert a Javascript code to your web platform to integrate Responsa’s Knowledge Base. From a comfortable and intuitive Dashboard it is possible to insert some questions and answers, so it could be memorized.

If a user couldn’t find the answer he’s searching from the suggested ones, he could open a ticket asking the question: operators would intervene in publishing the answer in the Knowledge Base or in answering to the user in private.


Responsa is at the service of your customers 24/24 and 7/7. Not only it answers to customers’ questions, but it also collects insights in the while and gives them to you as a report, in order to let you know your users, their sentiment and needs, measure the ROI and analyze interactions.

The result

Significantly increasing of the Customer Satisfaction, decreases calls and emails to the contact center.


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