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The management of the environment and safety at work is an important and often complicated activity for many companies: Necsi Ltd., an engineering company specialized in the issues of safety, environmental and labor has therefore developed, in partnership with Group Euris, Risolvo, a software that manages all business aspects of risk management in the workplace.


Risolvo doesn’t only addresses to companies but also to consultants: the solution, which saw Group Euris involved as a technology partner of the project, allows, among other things: to manage all deadlines, documentation updates and permits; to provide workers with training risks and safety, to keep up with constantly evolving laws, generally facilitate and automate the work of those who, in the company, deal with environment and security.

To Know More

The presentation brochure of Risolvo

The activation module for companies

The activation module for consultants

The page of Risolvo on the site of Necsi

The dates of the winter tour that Necsi undertook, along with Group Euris to present Risolvo to companies in the North Italy.

Finally, a short introductory video that better than a thousand words, describes the features and use of Risolvo.