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TeamMate per Outlook

Outlook integration - ERP / Document Management

Microsoft Outlook is one of the main tools of several key customers and users: it is intuitive in fact it carries information from the company management system or document management inside Outlook, it expands the operational capabilities and considerably simplifies the work to do on the company.

Euris REDTeam has designed an add-on for Microsoft Outlook, called TeamMate, with this specific functionality: integration between the program of e-mail management from Microsoft and the ERP system or corporate document, which allows to gain reliability and accuracy business management. Also, the use of an add-on allows maximum flexibility of integration in the business system and ensures minimal training costs.


  • Automatic organization of all mail in the input and output.
  • Sharing messages, inside and outside the company, with users with permissions (read, insert, etc ...) selected and customise.
  • Integration between document management and mail system: automatic insertion of relevant messages, separation of attachments and messages, de-duplication attachments through replacement with hyperlinks.
  • Integration between ERP and mail system: visibility of the card contract, purchase orders, invoices, etc ...

The benefits of the add-on are real and numerous:


  • Simplification rapid and consistent workflow
  • Ability to carry out targeted searches, and complete visibility of the ERP data relevant to the mail reading
  • Stop the confusion of personal mail folders
  • Stop the uncontrolled proliferation of emails
  • Stop the chain of CC (Carbon Copy)