I-Lab is an innovative way of interacting with clients. To suit our clientele's requirements, REDTeam, Euris Group's research and development business unit, have developed a new efficacious and efficient way of working together.

The Client usually receives back-up by personnel working on site, with the following drawbacks:

  • resource management costs;
  • potential inefficiencies. 

We devised I-Lab: to overcome these drawbacks. This interactive laboratory operates through innovative instruments such as the audiovisual channel (e.g. Skype, Messenger and Netmeeting), or I-Lab Portal, a portal for sharing project information, allows the Client to obtain constant control and assistance from our staff in our offices.

The Client's reference person is the respective Project Manager, who manages the project as a whole, coordinating activities, managing project progress, approving delivery and updating project paperwork. From the I-Lab branch, the Interactive Laboratory Technician provides the Client with assistance, delivers the project and maintains contacts with clients through the instruments provided by I-Lab.

One advantage of this new way of cooperation is the possibility of rapidly contacting a specialist whenever necessary, without time and management costs. This allows us to offer a highly specialised technical team and the client to achieve goals effectively and efficaciously.

Any communication takes place in full security; the most suitable connection and security systems are chosen on the basis of certain parameters such as:

  • type of connection available to the client: ISDN, ADSL, HDSL;
  • critical security aspects;
  • possibility of opening systems to the exterior.

We offer different kinds of I-Lab settings depending on the assistance service required by the Client and we always seek the most suitable solution.