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About us

A team of professional dedicated to developing application software and providing IT services for the national and European market. Euris Group provides high added value solutions and services that help Customers increase their value by optimising and improving their business processes.

Thanks to a partnership of excellence and Brands specialised in various sectors of Information Technology, Euris Group is currently one of the most important local suppliers of IT solutions and services, also present in the Top100 ranking of software companies.


Why Euris Group

The quality of our people

The quality of our service is guaranteed by the people who form part of our company. Investment in the skill and quality of our collaborators is our DNA and this ensures that we offer a high-level service that is always consistent with the Customer’s expectations.

We invest constantly in people to make their professionalism grow internally, giving them the tools, methods and values as a guarantee of the quality of our services.

Our goals are your goals

We do not offer a product, we create collaboration with our customers in order to find the best solution to fulfil their needs.

This is why our work starts from understanding the real business needs through consulting and the relative translation into technical requirements that are useful to identify the perfect solution for you.

Operational Methodology

The formula we use to guarantee the Customer a tailor-made service and complete management of the project is based on 4 operational pillars:

- Orientation on results
- Production flexibility
- Constant relationship
- Compliance with the agreed deadlines

Vertical expertise

The organisation in 6 Brands specialised in the various areas of Information Technology allows us as a Group to provide an all-round diversified offer while ensuring excellence and experience in each area thanks to dedicated teams, continuous training and research and partnerships with top players on the market.

Mission & Values

“Listening to, meeting and guiding the needs of customers as a market leader to provide tailored, simple and innovative solutions to highly complex contexts, with the use of motivated and diversified professional skills.”

Our cardinal values are principles that define our activities. They model our strategy and set our priorities. Internally, they guide our culture and, externally, they are essential for our success. Our values define the way in which we interact with our customers and our partners. They influence our strategic planning and our day-to-day decision-making process.

Honesty in relations between colleagues, with customers and with the rest of the social context in which the company is inserted
Responsibility, meaning the aptitude to fully understand one’s role, personally taking on the obligations deriving from it
Entrepreneurship that spurs a person to explore, beyond the conventional, the environment in which they operate, for the search of additional opportunities for action
Quality for the customer that represents the true goal of every business activity, as a prerequisite for business development
Transparency in internal contractual relations and with Customers