Insurance Smart Payment at the Wallet Bemoov meeting of Movincom in Milan


Alessandro Vanzo, DG of Euris Group, will present the solution "Smart Insurance Payment", the new 'digital agency' conceived by Euris Group during Wallet Bemoov Movincom meeting in Milan on October 15th. Insurance Smart Payment is a software solution that allows you to use a single device for budgeting and the issuance of the policy, the signing of the contract with graphometric sign and make the payment, through the features of digital pos.

A working tool designed and developed for insurance intermediaries; it is the result of collaboration with Movincom, - Consortium between commercial entities, public administrations, companies and organizations: it's an important partnership and a value experience for Euris Group, which has recently joined the Consortium.

At the Milan event will be present, along with Euris Group, also companies operating in the banking and insurance sectors, Supermarkets and Retail Market in order to highlight the potentialities and the applications of Bemoov, the circuit of Mobile Payment made by Movincom