A brand new release for the Virtual Assistant of our partner, Responsa


In the era of internet ad social networks, where users and clients are more and more independent in finding informations, it is necessary for a company to be available in real time in order to answer users’ questions. That is why Responsa, Gruppo Euris’ new partner, was found: thanks to his virtual assistant he is able to answer in real time and automatically to users’ questions, from website or other web platforms (here you can find the news about the partnership).

Thanks to Responsa’s new release, users could now receive answers in real time directly from Facebook company fanpage, simply writing their questions in chat. 
Responsa, keeping the informations directly from the Knowledge Base, will give them an answer in real time or it will let them to formulate a new question if the users would like to have more information about. 

Responsa is the first company in Italy to integrate a Bot for customer service on Facebook.

Even the media network has follow this record: here’s some links of Corriere Innovazione and Customer Management Insight where they write about it.

In Responsa’s Facebook fanpage you will try to communicate directly with the virtual assistant.