Training Course in Bologna


Euris Group has prepared for them a path of internal growth that will, at the end of the course, taking in the company. The course, which will last about three months, is divided into theoretical and practical sessions.

The aims of this course are twofold. First, unlike other companies that offer internships or educational purposes only for the recovery credits for an academic career, the aim of our course is just taking in the company: taking could take place in our laboratory, which develops every day new custom designs and customized based on the needs of our customers and for this needs to own and continually expand its already diverse spectrum of technological and functional, or at our local business units, which provide technical assistance and consultancy in market. This is an important signal of the attention the company pays to the problem of youth unemployment.

The second objective stems from our corporate culture and is closely related to our operational ethic: Euris has always invested in young people and continues to do so because this allows us to develop people internally, so do it in our way to have security provide customer service always consistent with the expectations and level. In this way Euris Group wants to give the imprinting its young employees, to make sure that its people grow bearing in mind the company values ​​in which we believe strongly and which we view as the quality at the base of our services:

Honesty and Clarity, and in relations between colleagues and with customers, and with all the social context in which the company is inserted
Responsibility, which is the attitude to correctly interpret its role by assuming responsibility
Intrapreneurship, understood as character to explore, beyond the conventional, the environment in which it operates, always looking for new opportunities for action
And always quality, service and the people who represent us.