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Big Data e Business Intelligence

The companies generate, manage and use a large amount of data, due to the amount and to the detail that express; they are often difficult to understand and analyzed quickly. Technology analysis of large amounts of data, big data precisely, becomes more and more an essential feature of the insurance business. The collection of information related to the insured becomes every year more and more expensive, just think about the more recent sources which allow us to acquire the driving habits of a client.

Nowadays it is already possible to analyze insured lifestyles by accessing the park of personal devices such as: Smartphone, Smartwatch, Activity Tracker. This availability of data, associated with rules and profiling parameters, provides a very important resource for the realization of new rates.

A highly personalized and customizable business intelligence is the key to meet the needs of the company at all levels, technical analysis of a portfolio of summary reports for the management. The keywords associated with this aspect can be: the Enterprise BI, to meet standard requirements and for the creation of compulsory reporting destined to external bodies (eg. IVASS); the Self BI, to illustrate the data according to diversified needs, but especially to rapidly simplify fast and personalized rules.