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Platform integrated for factory automation

Today, the interoperability of resources and systems is an essential competitive factor. ELEA, the business unit of Euris Group dedicated to digital transformation projects, has developed an IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) architecture that enables you to dialogue with production line machines, integrating them in the IT system and with company management. It is a modular solution based on a flexible and scalable logic model, which, starting from detection of field data and integrating them with ERP and external systems, implements the so-called “data value chain”.



Eliot 4.0® enables real-time cloud organisation of production progress data and the status of the machines in terms of availability, performance and quality. This eliminates all manual activities that are currently required for the machine production progress and to provide data and information in IT flows of company ERP. It also enables remote intervention from wherever you may be, sending production orders to machines and activating alarms and notifications in the event of established conditions and events. Introduction of Eliot 4.0® provides access to tax incentives of the Industry 4.0 plan, enabling a convenient investment in all aspects. In fact, the return on investments for application of Eliot 4.0® is rapidly guaranteed thanks to:

  • improved production capacity
  • elimination of waste
  • tax incentives related to the operation.


The platform is based on open source technologies and on open architecture following a white-box approach, without any lock-ins for the Customer with particular vendors, thereby differing from other market solutions. The model is modular and, therefore, can also be used only for part of the functional features implemented and can be integrated with the Customer's architectures for the parts of interest.

ELIoT caratteristiche


  • Automation of the collection and sharing of data
  • Organisation of the production flows and processes based on a strategy
  • Measurement of consumptions and optimisation of efficiency
  • Monitoring of the production process in real time



Eliot 4.0 has been awarded in the Software 4.0 category in a Solution Award 4.0 contest organised by MECSPE, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry, in collaboration with the Industry 4.0 magazine.

The criteria used to award the prize are many, as are the factors that guarantee a successful digital transformation process: according to Industry 4.0 “the staff training policies, the innovative business models used, the new partnerships created and the forms of organisation chosen to guarantee a rapid and effective innovation process are fundamental and run alongside the technological solutions”, all aspects that ELEA includes within the analysis aimed at defining the most efficient digitalization process of the factory, with a view to creating a Smart Industry system that combines 4.0 technologies with a complete service, with turnkey projects with very high added value.