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Customer Relationship Management


In today's complex market, obtaining a competitive advantage, and succeeding in maintaining it, is more difficult than ever before. The availability of information, wherever and whenever possible, calls for new standards of communication in customer relations.

It is therefore important for companies to:

  • Optimize sales and increase productivity
  • Reduce negotiation times
  • Acquire new clients
  • Loyalize existing clients by generating new sales opportunities
  • Implement effective promotion initiatives and campaigns, to reach clients with the most effective solution for each one of them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers an easy-to-use solution for your company's sales, marketing and customer services departments. You will have full access to all the information on your customers, allowing you to make the right decision every time.  A better activity management will help boost sales volumes and customer service quality.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete CRM solution that will provide your business with everything it needs to obtain and maintain a detailed picture of your clientele, from the very first contact through to the purchasing and after sales phases.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been specifically designed to fully exploit the potential of Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, offering a familiar, user-friendly work environment that fosters user productivity and application.

Based on the scalability and protection of the Windows system and other standard Microsoft tools and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible to optimize investments and know-how on the existing infrastructure.

Microsoft Office System 2007, Windows Vista and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 introduce new powerful functions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. The improvements in terms of productivity, data visualisation, protection, communication and cooperation make Microsoft Dynamics CRM an even more effective customer relations management solution.