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Responsa is the ChatBot and Knowledge Base ready-to-use solution for an intelligent, multi-channel Customer Service that is available at any time. With Responsa you can provide your customers with first-level automated assistance, responding to their most recurring needs in a rapid and efficient way, at any time and any place. Integrate Responsa on your website, App, Whatsapp or social networks.

Responsa can also be used by HR teams or on the company intranet network to interconnect all your employees.


Responsa provides 24/7 service to your users. It not only answers their questions, but it also collects statistical data at the same time and submits it in the form of a report to enable you to know your users better, their feelings and their needs, estimate the ROI and analyse interactions.

It can be integrated as:

  • a Floating Widget
  • a dynamic FAQ module
  • a Chatbot

With Chatbot, users interact with Responsa as though they were contacting a real person and, if required, can switch from a self-service mode to a traditional support channel thanks to the “hybrid” interaction mode.

The result

It significantly increases Customer Satisfaction (up to a +40% conversion rate) and decreases up to 80% of the traffic of calls and emails to the contact centre. It gathers insights to know the needs of your users better and to develop new strategies based on real data.