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Agile was launched in 2001 as a method to develop IT projects and since then has come a long way. Today, Agile has become a reference point for project management and is transforming the business organisation and the way people work, asserting itself according to specific areas in which it is applied since, in the current market, it is not enough for companies to equip themselves exclusively with cutting-edge digital tools to be competitive and to boost their business. It is necessary to be equipped with work methods that reduce resource waste, increase collaboration and information transparency and enable quick and efficient processes.

logo-GC-agile-transformation-biancoGetConnected is the Euris Group PLC brand specialised in Agile Transformation. Our team of certified consultants, instructors and analysts work alongside companies in the introduction and optimisation of processes of :

  • Task Management
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management
  • DevOps
  • IT Service Management
  • ITIL



With its multifunctional team, GetConnected can manage all process stages from analysis to targeted consultancy support, up to custom technical implementation through team training.

Our consultants are certified with regard to tools and methodologies, backed by long experience: Since 2009, GetConnected has adopted the Agile methodology and Atlassian tools to manage both in-house projects and customer needs to manage business processes in the most efficient and innovative way, helping them renew their work in the pursuit of transparency, efficiency and collaboration.

Find out how to start your agile transformation!