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Nowadays, more and more consumers make purchases by integrating different channels, both physical and digital. For a company forming part of the Retail sector, it is therefore important to integrate multiple promotion and sales channels, thereby guaranteeing its customers with access to products and services from any device, at any time and from wherever in the world.

euris-experience-monocoloreEuris Experience is the Euris Group brand dedicated to digital shopping & customer experience projects. As a result of an approach focusing on the user, its objective is to develop innovative digital projects that are capable of improving user experience at an omni-channel level.

The product and services portfolio is extended to all digital touchpoints where the brand meets its customer:

  • eCommerce Technology: Creating and managing an e-commerce is the key to increase revenues. We install, support and interact with the main platforms: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Hybris, ...
  • Mobile App: To remain competitive in the current digital context, offering our users a Mobile App is no longer a choice but a necessity.
  • Omnichannel Strategy: a physical shop, in an omnichannel marketing strategy, has a competitive advantage: the clienteling technologies, such as the Apps for store managers, make the sales outlet engaging
  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Chatbot Solutions: to redefine the customer’s experience and increase sales in a multi-channel outlook.
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • UX & UI Design: a user-centric research and analysis method starts from people to identify the needs, design the User Experience and identify where to create value for the user and the brand.


We know how important it is to adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy to maximise the impact of your message and intercept the greatest number of potential customers, precisely where they make use of the content. We have worked jointly with large companies in the retail sector to improve their multi-channel approach, with great results and enormous satisfaction.