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We offer IT consulting on:

  • Software architectures
  • Software selection: thanks to the deep knowledge and experience gained on numerous market contexts at various players we can support the customer in selecting the technological stack that best meets their real needs, essential for being competitive on the market.
  • Technological evolution: we know how to best advise the client by highlighting the need for renewal of the company strategy.

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Our work is also based on understanding the client's business needs, on supporting the reorganization of ideas and on translation into technical requirements. Once identified, we know how to take charge of the change (total development) from the software point of view and direct the project to the right direction (project coordination).

Why choose Gruppo Euris

Collaborating with Gruppo Euris means having a partner at your side that does not focus exclusively on the project assigned, but is able to recognize any critical issues within the operational dynamics of the customer and quickly propose a solution, already dropped within the scenario technology of the customer himself. The breadth of the skills of our team allows us to face every situation without the need to receive detailed specifications from the customer.