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Euris Technology_whiteThe spread of mobile and the multiplication of connected devices linked to the development of IoT have revolutionized the way of working, but the benefits that derive are enormous only when the whole network is perfectly set.

The offer of EURIS Technolgogy in relation to Network & Security is divided between network design and security control.


Digital information travels through networks and to increase the competitiveness of the business must be:

  • Performing, to allow quick connections.
  • Reliable, to ensure the constant availability of the connection
  • Flexible, to be usable in any condition
  • Safe, to ensure data control

EURIS Technology designs and builds medium and large local and geographical networks with these characteristics, thanks to the experience acquired and its high level of specialization. It offers WAN optimization solutions aimed at improving the performance of existing geographic networks and proposes advanced switching systems in the data center that simplify the network architecture with the reduction of technological and management costs.


EURIS Technology implements WiFi projects with rigorous methods and designed using professional software to analyze and simulate the wireless signal coverage. It has also developed a solution, Hotspot, that allows organizations to give occasional users access to the Internet in a secure, controlled and autonomous way.


The approach of EURIS Technology to digital security is based on three steps:

  • Mitigate: the risk can not be eliminated, therefore the task of EURIS Technology is to identify a strategy that keeps risk at bay without impeding the operation or slowing the digital evolution of companies.
  • Knowing: the analysis of the infrastructure for the identification of vulnerability points must be accompanied by continuous monitoring of the network, as threats evolve rapidly.
  • Integrate: the strategy identified must be integrated for each network, endpoints, application systems, data centers, clouds and accesses.