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Insurance Smart Payment

Digital Transformation projects are directing more and more Companies to undertake paths development of processes needed in order to meet the new requirements imposed by the market and consequently equip the distribution network of practical tools and simple solutions.

Euris Group  currently  supports these changes, intervening on the evolution of the underwriting process, the implementation of new payment channels and the dematerialisation of contracts. The experiences of complex projects allow Euris Group to indicate to the Company pathways and dynamics of modernization, with the main purpose of allowing its stackeholders a controlled and unvarying workflow, increasing the focus on the relevant information for the different roles involved.

The management modalities introduced by the multichannel and the "digital" revolutionise the behavioral and consumption models, so it is essential - for the Company - considering  innovation as the foundation of its business model. Euris Group currently interprets the evolutions and proposes interventions for appropriate changes. The operational solutions allow to enhance the contact with clients and enable a multichannel integrated link using as "driver" the incentive offered by key elements of the digital revolution: Mobility Social Media, Digital Marketing and Analytics.