Euris Srl was founded by Egisto Bressan.


The company Eidos, based in Rijeka, was established under Croatian law and with 100% Italian capital, aiming to provide Euris with software development skills and expertise.


The company was structured into business units. This new corporate structure allowed for greater commercial and operational independence and promoted significant corporate growth.

Euris Srl was split into Euris Solutions S.p.A. and Gesta Consulting S.p.A., the former operating in Northern Italy and specialising in providing services and software solutions, the latter mainly specialising in SAP.


Euris Progetti Srl was founded, specialising in new Open Source technologies, especially Javaa.

Cores Srl was established: a wholly owned company that managed administrative services for the group (Administration, Finance, Purchasing, Logistics, Personnel Management, Recruiting, Secretary’s office, and Marketing).


Euris Progetti Srl acquired a branch of Datasys Dynamics Srl, a company based in Milan, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics.

The merger of Euris Solutions S.p.A., Gesta Consulting S.p.A. and Euris Progetti Srl gave rise to Gruppo Euris Srl, as part of a strategy to strengthen the company and improve organisational efficiency.


On 30 April 2009, Gruppo Euris Srl was transformed into a public limited company.


Gruppo Euris S.p.A. acquired a branch of Arket, a Vicenza-based company with expertise in ERP for small and medium-sized enterprises.


A new facility was opened in Udine at the “Friuli Innovation” startup incubator, with the aim of establishing a virtuous interaction between technical experts, technologies and business.


Euris held shares in Responsa, a startup incubated in H-Farm, becoming its industrial partner.


On 9 November 2017, Gruppo Euris S.p.A. acquired Test S.p.A., a company based in Udine specialising in IT systems and infrastructures.


Gruppo Euris S.p.A. acquired GetConnected Srl, a company based in Bologna specialising in Agile Transformation, Digital Factory, and Atlassian Platinum Partner.


Gruppo Euris S.p.A. incorporated Test S.p.A. and GetConnected srl, thereby becoming a single large company with all-round skills in the IT field.

After an internal reorganisation, the group was structured into vertically specialised business units: Euris IT, heir of the historical core business, for custom development; GetConnected for Agile Transformation and Atlassian; Euris Dynamics for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite; EurisExperience for the customer & shopping experience; ELEA for Industry 4.0; and Test for the IT infrastructure part.


The Test brand, through a rebranding operation, became Euris Technology, specialising in ICT Governance and Cybersecurity.

Gruppo Euris S.p.A. acquired over 67% of the shares of Responsa Srl, thereby letting it officially enter the corporate structure.

That same year, when the pandemic broke out, Euris was transformed into a fully remote company in just two weeks. This marked the beginning of a corporate reorganisation process that eventually led the company to officially introduce remote work and flexible work arrangements.


Mobimentum srl, a specialised company based in Bologna, which would later strengthen the company’s mobile and java development departments, was fully acquired, joining the Euris IT business unit.


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