Digitalisation and automation

Digitalisation and automation are key tools in the journey towards digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

In this field, the competitive advantage lies in production efficiency and the ability to develop solutions that improve daily operations, thereby turning the company into an agile and integrated industry.

By integrating machine technology components and information systems and pooling Operation Technology and Information Technology in a single location, production becomes smart and time-to-market decreases significantly.

automazione della raccolta dati

Automated data collection and improved sharing

When production goes digital, the entire process can be translated into KPIs, which can be monitored through custom dashboards and analysis dashboards

integrazione totale

Full integration

Two-way communication between machinery on the production line and corporate information systems (MES, ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, etc.)

machine learning

Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance

By monitoring machine performance, faults are detected in advance and downtime is avoided

produzione automatizzata

Automated production = human value

By integrating information systems and production, processes can be automated, unleashing human potential, breaking free from repetitive tasks and enhancing people’s skills

The approach

progetti grandi
progetti grandi

Project feasibility check-up and process consultancy with the aim of planning the evolution of production flows

approccio flessibile
approccio flessibile

Designing the technological solution, which is tailored to the client’s specific needs. KPI evaluation to forecast results

icona funzionali
icona funzionali

Installing the solution (cloud, on premise, hybrid) and connecting machines

icon lente
icon lente
Post go-live assistance

Support in drawing up the documentation targeting contributions for Industry 4.0 (compliant with MISE – Italian Ministry of Economic Development). Full training of staff regarding the functionality of the implemented technology. Guarantee of assistance and support for the entire duration of the proposed solution

Our solutions for a smarter factory

  • Custom Development
  • Eliot 4.0
  • ERP Consulting
  • Agile Transformation – PPM
  • Atlassian Solution

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