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Euris Group was founded in Trieste when engineer Egisto Bressan, drawing on his extensive personal experience, decided to establish Euris S.r.l. to develop software projects for medium-sized and large companies.

At that time, the goal was an ambitious one, however Euris' know-how was such to give efficacious responses to the most demanding clients, providing significant skills in the Custom Software sector, with important engineering activities and services able to tackle high levels of complexity. The experience gained by Egisto Bressan in large corporation such as IBM Italia S.p.ACerved S.p.A. and Engineering S.p.A. allowed to the adoption of a high level managerial approach from the outset, and the company opted for advanced operating processes and management tools and a highly evolved in-house Information System to guarantee efficacious Management Control. Despite the hard times experienced by the IT sector, Euris has grown steadily, when continuous change has taken the toll on many similar-sized enterprises.


Establishment of Eidos, a Croatian company with an all-Italian capital, controlled by the Euris Group's parent Company Euris Srl. Eidos is based in Fiume, Croatia and was established with the aim of giving Euris the potential and expertise to develop software on innovative platforms with maximum qualitative and economic competitiveness. Eidos now operates on the Croatian market as well and represents the centre of expertise of the whole Group on the Microsoft Dynamics-Navision solution.


The Company is re-organised into Business Units, each of which is responsible for specific clients and has different operating resources. This was an authentic organisational turnaround, because it made possible to responsibilise managers through a process of greater commercial and operative autonomy: this has allowed Euris to increase both its volume of business and client portfolio.

To give the Business Units greater autonomy and guarantee greater operative flexibility, Euris S.r.l. split to form Euris Solutions S.p.A. and Gesta Consulting S.p.A. The former covered northeast Italy and primarily supplied standard services and software solutions, whereas the latter focused on specialist, mainly SAP-based, areas.


The Group's newcomer is Euris Progetti S.r.l., based in Milan and primarily covering north-western Italy: it has the same operative characteristics as Euris Solutions, but adds a special aptitude towards new Java and Open Source technologies.

In addition to its operating companies, the Group also includes the subsidiary Cores S.r.l., which guarantees auxiliary services (Administration, Finance, Purchases, Logistics, Personnel Recruiting, Secretariat and Marketing) to the entire Group.



Euris Progetti acquires a line of business from Datasys Dynamics S.r.l, a company based in Milan. The same year,the companies of the Group (Euris Solutions, Gesta Consulting ed Euris Progetti) in accordance with the the strategy of company enpowering and in order to improve the organizational efficiency, merge into Gruppo Euris S.r.l.   


On 30th April tha company "Gruppo Euris S.r.l" becomes by a notarial deed a joint-stock company called Gruppo Euris S.p.A. Euris Group gets also funding from an regional financial holding called Friulia, after presenting a pluriennal development plan.


The expansion and development phase continues: Euris Group acquires Arket, a company based in Vicenza with professional know-how in the small-and-medium-enterprise ERP solutions. The organization of the whole group is restructured, and now Euris is held by two branches: the commercial branch, to which  the commercial manager and the Business Unit Director report, and the technical branch,which relates to the professional and all the employees of the Group. Euris also presents its own social network platform, Euris Due.Zero, which easies internal communication and knowledge sharing inside the Group.