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Who we are

Euris Red Team is the business unit of Euris Group that deals with the implementation of projects in our laboratory. The experience of Euris Group and agility of our lab team allows us to offer a wide range of operational possibilities, to suit specific client requirements:

'Full lifecycle' service due to the specific functional skills of the target market (particularly in the areas of finance, logistics and transport, and fashion) in addition to development abilities, project management skills and architectural abilities and support in the choice of the technology solutions.

Supply of single components or functionality

Wide or specific consulting



In the delivery of its services, Euris Red Team uses a high level client oriented approach in all the existing solutions on the market for ICT companies.

Solutions, not technology: our experience has taught us to always tackle projects from the point of view of the client. This is the reason why we are not tied to any specific technology, to a brand or a development platform. The wide-ranging skills of our team of professionals allow us to choose the best solutions from time to time, without bias or pre-configured choices. It is a very important freedom of choice that translates into mobility in development and in highly customized products.

Results, not 'software': We know that  real project value is not expressed in technical specifications of software, but in the results that that application allows to achieve operatively in the business processes. For this reason, our attention is constantly drawn to business value, i.e. the added value that the project brings to the client.

We do not need detailed specifications: each year we work with dozens of companies and hundreds of different users, with different needs, demands and problems. Consequently, we have refined the analysis of the requirements of our clients (use cases) and we have redefined functional analyzes of the solution. 
The identification of the problem is only half the solution and since we are aware of this, we work closely with clients in order to assume their point of view and thus making their needs our own.

Diversity is richness: we are used to handling different contexts and we understand cultural and environmental differences, as well as different approaches, especially as regarding the specification, analysis of results and  deadlines.

Concrete performance: 25 years of expertise in developing IT solutions, 10 years of particular experience in outsourcing and in the realization of 'turnkey' solutions, dozens of successfully completed projects, wide spectrum of used and usable technologies.


- Extensive expertise, not related to the individual but to the integrality of a team.

- A guaranty of a continuous relationship.

- On site and remote performance and activity thanks to our constant presence in different areas (Milan, Bologna, Trieste and Padova)

- Protection from possible labor law issues (clear distinction between client and supplier)

- Extensive work methods and test

- Deployment  Procedures and structured Release Management with contract.