From customer care to self-care: Responsa is the way


From June 2016 Gruppo Euris and Responsa are partners. Responsa is a young but consolidate startup, who offer on the market an innovative self-care solution, based on a Knowledge Base, able to answer in real time and automatically to users questions from every type of digital platform.

Gruppo Euris met Responsa in H-Farm, the prestigious business accelerator based in Roncade, near Treviso (Italy), where high innovation projects born and grow up. And with whom Gruppo Euris has recently some affairs. 
From the meeting to the partnership the step was short.

Responsa, in fact, offer a solution really innovative in particular for two reasons.
First, the added value given by a “semantic motor” able to recognize users’s questions and give them automatic relevant answers thanks to the Knowledge Base; the system lets the user to open a ticket if there is not an answer already defined. This ticket will be send to an operator who would produce a new answer and insert it directly in the Knowledge Base, growing its content. 
In this way, more the community asks questions to Responsa, more the Knowledge Base will be rich and would answer to future questions, avoiding the action of Customer Care operators.

Secondly, Responsa is innovative because of its ability to be integrated in multichannel: a single Knowledge Base is synchronized on every company’s digital platform: website, Facebook fanpage, mobile app, intranet; it makes instantaneous researches, it manages ticketing systems and the automatic learning; given insights and analytics in the same time. 

Fields of application are various: from the Customer Care to corporate support for the internal training of human resources and sales network.
Some of Respinsa’s main clients: Mediolanum Bank, Vodafone Italy, ING, Hello Bank! (BNL Group), CheBanca! (Mediobanca Group), Cattolica Insurance and Europ Assistance.

First data from the application of the system talk about important performances: 80% of questions solved in self-service; 70% less request of support via mail to Training Manager after 3 months of Responsa use; 25% less of chat escalations after 2 months of Responsa integration on the live chat as the first point of contact with the customer care.

Gruppo Euris and Responsa are now partners. Responsa’s solution is yet in the applicative portfolio of our sales network.