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Gruppo Euris has devoloped for the insurance market a new solution dedicated to the management of all current insurance and bankinsurance requirements. The multi-channel platform LISA alloes you to project and design your business easily giving an IT form to business strategy.

  • LISA-componentiCMS and Portal Integration: An HTML5 web interface which can be entirely configured and integrated in the CMS system and company platforms, allows process interaction with users.
  • Actuarial Engine: Provides complete data and actuary regulation configuration and design system, with separate version and environment simulation, test and production management.
  • Integration Layer: manages LISA integration with the entire surrounding ecosystem and serves to avoid migration problems, where requested to maintain ownership of data in the Host system and to access all the necessary information for a specific process.
  • Business Process Designer: LISA features the latest graphical interface technology for design, simulation, validation and maintenance of BMNN and CMMN business process.
  • Business Process Execution Module: The very heart of LISA is a scalable BPMN and CMMN process command engine, meaning you can execute and control great quantities of processes.
  • Integrability: LISA can integrate with existing portfolios or implement new ones; it also integrates with Big Data and IoT systems..
  • Multi-channel: covers all branches and channels (agencies, bankinsurance, intermediaries, B2C portals, ...).
  • Compatibility: the configuration is not defined a priori but can be adapted according to your needs or those of the partners.
  • Accessibility: LISA is Full Digital and natively ready for the Cloud, can be reached 24/7 from Web, Mobile, Service, etc. ensuring continuous access to data thanks to its distributed and scalable architecture.

With LISA it is possible to quickly transform a business process and test it effectively thanks to the possibility of simulating the functioning of the products and processes created. The traditional method of process creation is completely revolutionized and times are drastically reduced. 

lisa vs processo standard (eng)

Reduce time to market and go online before your competitors!