High-performing applications, forever

The life cycle of any project is not exhausted with its launch into production. It lives on, to guarantee continuity of use, adequacy over time and the level of performance of business applications.

Especially when business is strictly connected to the digital world, the company’s performance depends on the performance of its applications. Therefore, their ability to provide answers and to manage operations and transactions within the time frames that are most compatible with the business and with the needs of end users are crucial features.

Corrective and implementation maintenance of the software

Trouble Ticketing

Corrective activities and monitoring to restore proper functionality of the application in the production environment.


Introduction of new unscheduled processes, completion or adaptation of the application to new situations.

Small evolutions

Corrective maintenance or small evolutions: for development actions that bring immediate benefits.

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Application Performance Monitoring

For the ultimate user-friendly omnichannel experience

To assess performance over time and allow administrators to identify the causes of any issues so that they can be promptly solved.

Monitoring software and infrastructure performance. Keeping track of requests, qualifying them and recording responses.

To recognise interactions that depend on external factors. It enables administrators to analyse the secondary aspects that affect performance.

Entrust a partner who knows your business needs with the governance of business-critical systems

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Do you want to know the business unit that deals with application management?
Euris IT

It deals with software projects and solutions, assisting the client throughout all stages of the project, from the initial idea to its implementation, also taking care of post go-live maintenance and assistance. Thanks to highly innovative technologies and tools, it is able to ensure a measured and guaranteed service.

Euris Technology

Specialised in ICT Governance, System Integration, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity. It provides customers with enabling technologies to make business digital information constantly available, accessible, shareable and protected, also as a result of collaboration with international partners and top vendors on the market.