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We are certified Silver Partner in the following areas:

- Technology SharePoint with skill in 'Portals and Collaboration'.

- 'Application Development', that includes the recognition of professional developers that create powerful applications using Microsoft VisualStudio®. .NET And Web services.

- 'Collaboration and Content', expertise created by Microsoft through the merging of three other expertise such as 'Portals and Collaboration', 'Content Management' and 'Search Competencies', which allow the users to take full advantage of the potential offered by Microsoft SharePoint, demonstrating its ability to offer solutions that connect teams, improve access to information and increase productivity.

- 'Hosting', thanks to which the company has access to varies of resources that provide more opportunities for interaction with clients.

Gruppo Euris is partner of Responsa, an innovative startup growing in H-Farm. The self-caring solution, powered by Responsa, allows the web user to find most of the answer he is searching in real time and automatically, in every kind of web platform.

We are certified partner of Red Hat, global leader in providing enterprise open source software.
Red Hat is condsidered a landmark in a global network of companies, partners, and open source communities.
It contributes in creating relevant and innovative technologies in the area of Cloud, Linux, Middleware, software defined storage and virtualization, that create resources for teh growth and prepare clients towards IT future.
Gruppo Euris developed projects in area enterprise based on JBoss Fuse, JBoss Data Virtualization and JBoss Data Grid, with innovative solutions for the growth of our clients.