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Information is an immense value for the company. Therefore it is essential to have infrastructures that make it available, accessible, protected and shareable.

EURIS Technology offers for the IT infrastructure the following services:

Data Center

A data center is not just a set of servers: the infrastructure that houses these devices also consists of solutions for power supply, air conditioning, security systems, fire prevention and extinguishing, access control and environmental monitoring.
EURIS Technology is able to realize solutions for the infrastructure of the modern datacenter that respond to characteristics of scalability, energy efficiency and reliability.
In this specific field, EURIS Technology is in possession of the Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS)™ certifications of Uptime Institute, ANSI TIA-942 standard at AGID, CDCDP ™ - Certified Data Center Design Professional of Cnet Training, Data Center Design Awareness, Energy Efficiency Best Practice Mission Critical Facilities Engineering released by DC Pro.
In addition to the installation and integration of data centers with existing systems, EURIS Technology can offer customers other related services:

  • Audit and Gap Analysis of compliance with Uptime Institute standards, ANSI TIA-942, EN50600 European Standards for data center facilities and infrastructures.
  • High Level Design and Conceptual Design of Data Center, CED and Computer Room with support for the preparation of purchasing specifications relating to site, layout, electrical power and conditioning
  • Project Management with selection of suppliers, supervision of works, activities of Commissioning Agent (CxA)
  • Energy efficiency

IT Infrastructure

Starting from the Virtualization of systems, carried out with the solutions of the major manufacturers on the market, EURIS Technology is also able to concentrate in a single integrated platform the entire IT infrastructure (server, storage, networking), evolving virtualization in Hyperconvergence. The storage solutions proposed by EURIS Technology are optimized, secure and flexible, able to adapt to the changes in the customer's business.