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To ensure a comprehensive management of the service, we provide a 360° assessment in all aspects of an IT project management, both in architectural and application development level by operating according to the following operational pillars:

Result oriented

Thanks to the proven, long, wide experience in:
systems engineering, definition of architectures, development and implementation of solutions, systems integration.

Production flexibility

Providing solutions to various organizational/ manufacturing problems and offering a full spectrum of operational possibilities in order to adapt to any client requirements. All our methods and tools have been field-tested in dozens of successfully completed projects. 

Continuous confrontation

Activities and performance are always accessible to the client through online access to the repository versioning, so that our work can also be monitored remotely. For any problems we provide support in various ways: Skype (direct contact), regular face to face meetings in order to check together the progress of the project.

Compliance with agreed schedule

Our experts are used to activate  projects quickly and to handle deliveries according to the timetable dictated by the agreed work plan.