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It is well known that the companies who master online services in different stages of relationship with their policyholders will have the best competitive advantages. It is natural to observe that Companies have, for a while, directed investments to provide tools and solutions to this challenge. Euris Group has been involved for a while in these types of intervention and has developed, over the years, considerable expertises related to the development of web based solutions. The deepened knowledge has  blended with the most innovative technologies, both open source and with the latest market news, that in this particular segment uses software tools in constant evolution.

Euris Group proposes a body of knowledge that can intervene in the carrying out of a complex project and in constant flux, and it is able to suggest processes of data-transformation and data-collection. The specific knowledge of the insurance industry has  given Euris Group the opportunity to acquire all of the aspects related to content management and the interface with systems management: from budgeting, to emission and connected dispositive functionalities, to the management of the communications to  clients; from design and development of integration components with social-network, to technological implementation of middleware infrastructures among Legacy systems and Home Insurance.

Euris Group also inspires to fundamental concepts of the strength of the technological infrastructure by defining the target architecture, combined with the accessibility and usability of user interfaces.