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Clienteling App: a tool to boost the sales force

The physical shop still has a strong competitive advantage in the sales strategy of a retailer: people are still not yet ready to do without direct interaction with the sales staff. However, technology represents an immense opportunity to revolutionise the shopping experience in the shop and to make it even more customised and appealing.

This is what clienteling solutions are for: in-store tools that enable you to create a privileged relationship with the customer, to re-create the shopping experience through technology and enhance retail outlet staff, creating an omnichannel strategy integrated between virtual and real.


Omnistore is the clienteling retail App by EurisExperience that enables integration of online sales with the shopping experience inside a physical shop.


  • Assisted Selling: access to the full catalogue to facilitate the in-store or online sales process
  • in-app payments: facilitate checkout by providing the option to pay directly from the App and thereby avoiding queues at the cashier
  • Customer Data: offer a customised sales experience based on data
  • Communication: build a constant relationship with customers coming to the shop
  • Teamwork: increase productivity with the collaboration and communication tools