People come first

We speak of people, not resources. Every day we strive to make you feel special and to make Euris a better company, the perfect place for you!

We are Smart

You can always choose where you want to work: from home, from the office, from a co-working space… but make sure to use a secure connection!

We work with the best team collaboration tools, which allow us to stay in touch and ensure the best possible working conditions for everyone, wherever they work from.

Worklife Balance

Worklife Balance

We do not want people to feel like they are just a number: this is why our company has set up a department called People Care, so that we can be closer to people and meet their needs.
One-on-one interviews, climate surveys and structured feedback processes: these are the ways in which we promote corporate well-being.

We offer part-time contracts and flexible hours to all mothers until their child reaches the age of three, since we firmly believe that a balanced lifestyle is necessary if we want to make sure that our teams perform to their full potential.

formazione continua

Continuing education

We support your talent through innovation and experimentation.

work hard play hard

Work hard, play hard

We believe in relationships as a basis for growth and we want to make working fun.