Alone we go fast… together we go further

We are looking for people just like you, who are willing to work in a team and make their mark. We want to do this while having fun so… work hard, play hard!

Euris game

Euris Game

We organise virtual & live teambuilding events simply because we are not only colleagues who share goals, but also, and especially, people who grow together.

It doesn’t matter where you work or where you are based. We will reach out to you with our energy and enthusiasm.


We organise aperitifs in all locations and for those working remotely, during which we talk about the latest technological innovations, since we believe in the power of sharing and in spreading ideas and knowledge.


Let’s go Party

Remote work has allowed us to appreciate even more what it means to get together on specific occasions. And, in each of our offices, there are plenty of opportunities organised by the company… and even by you, if you decide to join our team!

formazione continua

Continuing education

We support your talent through innovation and experimentation.

people caring

People come first

Smartworking and caring for people: well-being according to Euris.